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Why do Garage Door Accidents still happen?

11/22/2013 Back To Blog

According to several studies and statistical data in Washington and many other places in the entire country, garage door accidents still happen regardless of the continuous efforts garage door manufacturers make to diminish them drastically. Why do people still get injured while kids are the usual victims of garage doors, which supposed to be strong and reliable?

Who is responsible for the accidents?

Like most devices, garage door openers exist to make our lives more convenient and easy on a daily basis. The truth is that most accidents related to garage doors happen due to people’s negligence and indifference on following basic instructions that all garage door companies in Milton give.

  • Your first priority is protecting your children. You must teach them from an early age that garage doors are not games and they shouldn’t play around them, especially underneath an open garage door. It’s also important to refrain letting your kids play with remote controls.
  • You must never forget that unless you are a trained technician you cannot interfere with most garage door repairs in order to avoid injuries. For example, it’s too dangerous to proceed with a broken garage door cable replacement or torsion spring repair. Many accidents reported each year are caused by people, who attempted to fix their garage doors on their own.
  • If you notice any garage door problems, it would be better to open them manually until a professional company takes over the garage door service.
  • Even if you are very careful, you will be entirely safe only if you keep your appointments with experts for garage door maintenance. The best way to ensure that is working with a garage door contractor on a permanent basis.
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